Tokyo Premium Sparklink Sake "Shin" (730ml)

Tokyo Premium Sparklink Sake "Shin" (730ml)

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This premium sparkling sake is made from "Edo Sake Oji", which is all made in Tokyo". It is made from rice grown entirely in Tokyo, and is a new type of sake brewed with “Edo yeast”, which is quite rare. The gas is generated during the fermentation process inside the bottle just like Champagne. It has elegantly smooth harmony of acidity and sweetness. It represents TOKYO terroir based on ingredients from Tokyo, and proposes new type of sake for toasts.

This sake is recommended to be enjoyed at a cool temperature.

【Ingredient rice】Kinuhikari (Tokyo)
【Milling rate】65%
【Sake meter value】-40

Drink Style
With ice Chilled Room temperature Warmed Heated