"Juemon" (720ml) x  3 Bottle Pack

"Juemon" (720ml) x 3 Bottle Pack

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This Junmai-shu is named after our founder, Juemon, and is crafted with special care. It is Genshu without filtration, and is dry Junmai-shu with subtle aroma and mellow flavor. Once you have a sip of Juemon, you can experience the flavor spread in your mouth, followed by a clean crisp finish.

This sake is highly acclaimed by many sake professionals in Japan. It was presented at “Milano Sake Week”, a satellite event at the Expo Milano 2015.

It also got a gold award at "Kura Master 2019" held in Paris.

This sake is recommended to be enjoyed at a cool or warm temperature (around 40℃).

【Ingredient rice】Hattannishiki (Hiroshima)
【Milling rate】Koji 55%, Kake 60%
【Sake meter value】+3.5

Drink Style
With ice Chilled Room temperature Warmed Heated