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Junmai-shu Set (6 Bottles)

Junmai-shu Set (6 Bottles)

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This set can let you enjoy several kinds of Junmai-shu. They are recommended to be enjoyed at a cool or warm temperature (around 45 ℃).

Junmai Genshu without filtration “Juemon”

Named after our founder, this Junmai-shu was crafted with special care. It is a dry Junmai-shu with subtle aroma and mellow flavor. It was presented at “Milano Sake Week”, a satellite event at the Expo Milano 2015.
Alcohol: 17%~18%, Milling rate: Koji 55%, Kake 60%, Sake Meter Value: +3.5

Tokubetsu junmai-shu “Kokoro” (Heart)

This Junmai-shu has a gentle aroma and sweetness of rice. It also has the elegant light taste.
Alcohol: 15%~16%, Milling rate: 60%, Sake Meter Value: +1


This Junmai-shu has natural “umami” from the rice itself.
Alcohol: 15%~16%, Milling rate: 65%, Sake Meter Value: +1