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Daiginjo Set (6 Bottles)

Daiginjo Set (6 Bottles)

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This set can let you can enjoy several kinds of Daiginjo. They are recommended to be enjoyed at a cool temperature.

Edo no hana (Flowers of Edo)

This Daiginjo is made with the best quality rice for sake, “Yamadanishiki” from Hyogo prefecture. You can enjoy rich aroma and light taste.
Alcohol: 15%, Milling rate: 35%, Sake Meter Value: +3


This Daignjo has a dry and fresh taste.
Alcohol: 14%~15%, Milling rate: 50%, Sake Meter Value: +4

Gin no mai

This Junmai-daiginjo has a relatively low alcohol content with fruity aroma, and you can enjoy it just like drinking wine.
Alcohol: 13%~14%, Milling rate: 50%, Sake Meter Value: +1